Add a meaningful perk!

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Want to differentiate your perks/benefits package? Show your potential recruits that you value their wellbeing in a meaningful way!

Why not add personal one-on-one coaching for your managers, supervisors and leaders? Your people will truly appreciate the genuine value this brings.

Add this to your list of benefits:

All staff in charge of others – supervisors, leads, managers, etc. – and those on the path to such roles have 1:1 access to a personal coach, paid for by the business. This coach is there to help you navigate the complexities of leadership, and help you discover the best ways of dealing with the business world. The coach works for YOU, with your best interests at heart, and is always in your corner. It’s kinda nice, knowing that somebody’s got your back, no matter what.

How powerful is that?

This sends a really strong message that you absolutely care about the wellbeing of the humans in your business, and that you’re committed to a happy and healthy (and therefore highly productive) workplace.

What an awsome way to demonstrate that you genuinely care for their wellbeing and mental health!

Want to know more about how we can build a coaching package around your people, their needs and your budget? Click below and let’s talk.