Coaching for new managers


So that very experienced colleague is going to lead the team? Great! Let us help them discover the best way to manage for satisfaction and success.

All situations are unique, and a boilerplate management philosophy won’t cut it. Neither will a boilerplate coaching style. We’ll tailor an approach specific to the person, team and circumstances.

How does it work?

We’ll start with a free introductory/discovery call, to talk through the challenges being faced and the desired outcomes. Then we’ll discuss the possible formats of our regular sessions. These will vary depending on circumstance and will always adapt to the needs in front of you. As such it’s difficult to explain how a “typical” coaching call looks, as they’re all different.

How often do we talk to each other?

This is something we’ll work on during that initial call. From experience, getting together every two-to-four weeks seems to be most effective. Meeting more frequently may not give you the time and space needed to process and put into practice. Leaving too long between sessions tends to let the topics go stale, and lowers the feeling of accountability (a coach is also by default an accountability buddy).

How long is each session?

Typically about 45-50 minutes, leaving some space at the end of the hour for note-collation, updating to-do lists, etc., and planning what we’re going to implement/try/practice/prepare (on both sides) in the period before we meet again.

Longer conversations can be arranged when they’d be helpful in dealing with bigger issues.

Shorter, “Can you help me with…” targeted chats can usually be accommodated for existing clients, often at no charge.

How many sessions?

As many as you need. If we’ve accomplished our goals and set your new manager up for success, we can collectively decide that we’re done, perhaps with occasional ad-hoc sessions as and when needed.

You could consider continuing regular sessions with your coach after the initial goals have been reached. There will always be situations arising where you might appreciate conversations with an outside perspective. And it’s always a good feeling, knowing that there’s somebody in your corner.