Some feedback from people we’ve worked with

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the amazing mentorship I received from Ken in the Women Who Code Mentorship program. As someone who has been grappling with self-worth issues and struggling to stay focused on achievable objectives, Ken played an instrumental role in transforming my perspective and guiding me towards a path of personal and professional growth.

Ken has been a true mentor and guide, helping me navigate self-worth issues and stay focused on achievable objectives. Despite English not being my first language, Ken always made an effort to understand my perspective, actively listening and providing thoughtful guidance.

What sets Ken apart is his dedication to ensuring his mentees not only receive advice but also practical tools for personal and professional growth. The strategies he shared have become invaluable in my journey, giving me the confidence to tackle challenges and set meaningful goals.

I highly recommend Ken Pemberton as a mentor to anyone seeking genuine support and practical advice.

Thank you, Ken, for being an inspiring mentor and for making a lasting positive impact on my life.